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THEATRE & CABARET (Selected Productions)

HELLO AGAIN! THE SONGS OF ALLAN SHERMAN   One Woman Show                         Touring Venues
NAKED WOMEN, BARING SOULS THROUGH SONG  Lead/Producer                  Hidden Valley Musical Theatre
WHAT EVERY WOMAN WANTS…TO SING                   Lead/Producer                              The Gardenia
DANDELION WINE                                                               Miss Fern                              Colony Studio Theatre
THE MATCHMAKER                                     Irene Molloy  (Drama-Logue Award)           Colony Studio Theatre
A...MY NAME IS ALICE                                                           Lead                                  International City Theatre
                                                                           (Robby Award Nominee-Best Ensemble)
RLS:  RECOLLECTIONS (World Premiere)                           Fanny                           Hidden Valley Musical Theatre
DESIRE!                                                                    Faith Featherway / Producer                  Colony Studio Theatre
WORKING                                                                       Waitress/Babe/etc.                           Colony Studio Theatre
                                                                  (Ovation Award Nominee-Best Featured Actress, Musical)
HEARTBEATS                                                                        Annie                                        Theatre League, Inc.
TEN PERCENT REVUE                                                          Lead                                           Melrose Theatre
DICK TRACY                                                                  Tess Trueheart                           Director:  Robert Jesse Roth
I HATE MUSIC                                                                        Lead                                            The Gardenia
SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH OR                              Lead
 EXPIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW                (Zony Award-Best Ensemble)                  Actors’ Lab Arizona
CLUB ACTS (8 distinct shows)                               One Woman Shows / Prod          Upstairs at Vitello’s/HW Studio/Gardenia
CATS                                                                               Jellylorum/Griddlebone                       Shubert Theatre
                                                                                        Comedic Opera Cat)                      Director:  Trevor Nunn
CAPTAIN FABULOUS                                                          Vera                                            The Cast Theatre
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE                                             Kate                                          Ahmanson Theatre
                                                                                 NY Shakespeare Festival                      Director:  Wilford Leach
LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE                                               Little Mary                                 Burnight Center Theatre
CAROUSEL                                                                            Carrie                                 Hidden Valley Musical Theatre
FIDDLER ON THE ROOF                                                     Tzeitel                                Hidden Valley Musical Theatre
CANDIDE                                                                              Old Lady                             Hidden Valley Musical Theatre
AMAHL & THE NIGHT VISITORS                                      Mother                                           Hartnell Theatre
THE FANTASTICKS                                                              Bellamy                                         Caminito Theatre
STAGES                                                                       Janet (Original Cast Album)                       Matrix Theatre


RABBITS                                                                                   Lead                                              AFI Student Film
TIME, SPACE & MR. SHAPIRO                                           Featured                                              A&E Network
A LOVE STORY                                                                        Lead                                            LACC Student Film
QUARTER ‘TIL NINE                                                               Lead                                            Newell Productions


ADAM-12 - THE 90’s                                                               Featured                                                Syndicated
I REALLY LIKE SKUNKS                                                  Lead / Producer                                             Cable
INTERLUDE                                                                               Lead                                                       CNN
BRUCE KIMMEL’S “TRAILERS”                                         Featured                                                 Showtime


Acting:  Theatre Academy at Los Angeles City College-Graduate, Dean’s Honor List; Francine Kessler; Nina Foch; PCPA (Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts); Margie Haber Studio
Improv: Gary Austin (Groundlings Founder), J.J. Barry
Singing:  Mel Dangcil / Robert Edwards / Eric Vetro / Nate Lam / Ellen Johnson (Jazz)


• Singer—Legit Soprano/Alto Belt (Range low “E” to high “Bb”)  •  Move Well  •  Improv  •  Dialects  •  Play piano, guitar, percussion, ukulele  •  Comedienne  •  Producer  •  Personal Essayist  •  Commercials (list/conflicts upon request)  •  Wrote, edited, produced cable tv comedy/variety show (14 episodes) •  Various animal imitations  •  Really good Mom  •  Becoming a better cook